How to manage the stress of a PhD

Be happier, healthier and more productive during your PhD

Some stress is inevitable during your PhD. This can be a good thing, as a bit of pressure can help to focus the mind and help you develop your skills.

But overwhelming stress is also very common. This is not useful, as it limits your ability to focus, to think clearly and to solve difficult problems.

Unfortunately, because overwhelming stress is so common, many people think it's inevitable. They think it's just part of the PhD process and that you have to keep going, work harder and push through. But if what you're doing isn't working, doing more of it isn't going to help

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"

Overwhelming stress is a warning sign; a signal that something is wrong. We can ignore it and carry on, or we can pause, reflect, and figure out what we can do to change the situation.

Some signs to look out for:

  • You feel like you have no time to think or to relax
  • Your PhD is always on your mind so you can't fully enjoy other things
  • You're rushing everything, but finishing nothing
  • You're constantly worried about the future
  • You've lost passion and interest in your subject, but feel you can't quit

It's not a big deal if these feelings crop up occasionally, but it is a problem if they are persistent features of your everyday life.

You don't have to accept persistent overwhelming stress in order to get your PhD. When you take this course, you will learn;

  • The common causes of PhD stress and the mistakes that most students make
  • New ways to think about and approach your work
  • Simple, effective techniques to reduce your stress and be more effective

Ultimately, the aim is to make research fun again, while also getting the results you need.


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Your Instructor

James Hayton
James Hayton

I'm James, I'm a former physicist (PhD, Nottingham, 2007) and author of "PhD: An Uncommon Guide to Research, Writing & PhD Life".

I now help PhD students all over the world overcome barriers in their research and writing.

Over the last 10 years, my strategies have helped thousands of PhD students just like you to build confidence, write better and finish on time.

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